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Who We Are

We are Ugandan coffee change makers that believe in growing, sourcing, trading and processing the highest quality coffee to produce a tasty cup of coffee.

Our Vision

A coffee value chain that positively impacts farmers, consumers and the partners in between.

Our Core Values.

Create Smiles: We commit to quality coffee, effectiveness and fair trading practices to put a shared smile on our coffee farmer and our coffee customers.

Continuously Improve: We commit to continually improve professionally, personally and by challenging the status quo to better serve our customers and partners.

Be Bold: We think and act like entrepreneurs to see and pursue opportunities for local and global success.

Why We Care About Coffee.

Good coffee equals community development. It is estimated that as much as 20% of the entire Uganda population earn all or a large part of their cash income from coffee. Uganda is one of the world’s major Robusta and Arabica producers. Coffee is our avenue to bring prosperity to our communities.

Coffee Made Us.

Our family has grown and traded Robusta coffee since the 1950’s. coffee made us who we are. It took us to school, paid our medical expenses, fed us, clothed us and more. Tasty Kaawa, formally started in May 2017, introduces another chapter in our rich coffee history.